Save The Pandas

1900 Pandas on Polygon

Fewer than 1,900 pandas are left in the wild: despite their relative lack of natural predators, they remain deeply vulnerable to threats like illegal hunting.
The 1900 pandas have moved to the Polygon network to organize themselves against their threats, but they need your help!
We will donate funds to animal organizations and launch new NFTs to protect other species in danger.

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Start Your Adventure

We are creating the Panda metaverse. You will be able to use your Panda NFTs to help the Panda community. Bamboo (rain) forests are being cut through by roads and being destroyed.

The objective of the game is to reproduce pandas and increase their population


As part of our roadmap we will launch LAND NFTs that you can acquire to train, care nad breedth your pandas!

Roadmap & Activations


July 2021 - Concept & Idea Begins

August 2021 - Creation of 1900 PANDA NFTs

November 2021 - First Ethereum Smart Contract developed

December 2021 - Creation of LAND NFT

January 2022 - Gameplay initial prototype developing begins

April 2022 - Breeding technology developed

May 2022 - Erc-20 token released, listing on exchanges

June 2022 - V1 Gameplay Released: Battle System - Arcade

July 2022 - Land play + Breeding game launched

August 2022 - Game Balance checkpoint

September 2022 - Start Developing Governance Token

October 2022 - Governance Token Released

December 2022 - Play to earn released


November 2021 - Sale season begins - 1900 Panda Minted (0.05 ETH)

March 2022 - LAND NFT sale season begins.

August 2022 - First Breeding Panda was created.

October 2022 - Staking ERC-20 protocol/contract released DEFI


August 2021 - Website V1 released

September 2021 - Twitter + Discord + Twitch + Youtube channels were created

November 2021 - New Website V2 released, new promotional Video was released

December 2021 - How to buy, Youtube explanation

January 2022 - Become a member of the Blockchain Game Alliance

March 2022 - Special giveaway for PANDA holders: 15%

October 2022 - Special giveaway for PANDA holders: 30%

December 2022 - Special giveaway for LAND holders: 25%

Our Team

Save Panda started from an idea to use technology for good. We are a group of people concerned about animal rights.
Profits will be used to donate to animal organizations and launch more activities to help other species. Stay tuned!

Blockchain Advisor


Head of Marketing


Blockchain Engineer


Art Creative


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for 'non-fungible token'. It is a type of cryptographic token on the blockchain that represents a unique item. Most NFTs are digital assets like pictures and music, while some also like with physical assets. An NFT can also be seen as a 'club membership ticket' that gives you access to exclusive member activities.

How can I mint / purchase the NFTs?

To purchase an NFT you will need to have a Metamask wallet (refer to:, connect your wallet to our website and prepare some Ethereum as crypto currency. When it's time, the mint button will appear. Simply click to purchase. Each wallet address can mint up to 20 NFTs each transaction.

Where should I mint / purchase the NFTs?

Please mint at our website. Secondary market will be on OpenSea.

What is special about this project?

The idea behind this project is to protect real animals. We will donate funds to animal foundations and launch new animals to protect.

When is the official drop?

We will announce it in Discord and on Twitter. Don’t forget to follow us.

Will it be immediately unboxed?

Yes. We know it’s hard to wait! After minting successfully, you just have to refresh the metada on Opensea and you will see your Panda.

How can I check the rarity and traits of my NFT?

After unboxing, you will see the traits of your NFT on Opensea under ‘properties’. You can check the rarity directly on Opensea under ‘stats’. We’ve made it simple, so you don’t have to check on other third party websites.

Where are the images stored?

All images are stored in IPFS.

How many NFTs will be reserved by the team?

We will reserve 50 for giveaways, competitions and games. Early holders and people who support us along the way will be rewarded! Don't worry if we run out of giveaways, we will also buy from secondary market.